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A professional Argentine Tango dancer, performer, and teacher with 17 years of experience. Each of his movements are deeply inspired by the traditional aesthetic that have characterized the style and elegance of this dance, in the same time, he’s sharing his love of tango music and inspiring dancers to create their own style of dancing, emphasizing creativity, improvisation and physical dialog within the couple.

Juan Alba

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Master in Tango (Escuela Argentina de Tango, BsAs, 2012)

Dancer and teacher of tango with more than 15 years of experience in the tango´s world, both in milongas, as well as in tango companies in Colombia and Argentina.


Teacher and professional dancer, he worked in: Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Colombia. Member of the organizing committee of the “VII Tango Experimental” Encounter held in Chinavita-Boyacá Colombia.


Co-creator and director of the Collective “La Clandestina - Milonga Colombiana”, organizer at milongas and Tango-practicas: “La Domilonga de Yeco” and "La Práctica Y".


Tango teacher in different venues, such as universities, dance studios, dance schools and alternative venues.


Yecid trained in different Argentine and Colombian schools since 2002, learning with outstanding teachers from Colombia, such as the 2011 world champions Diego Benavidez and Natasha Agudel, Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sossa, Facundo Piñero and Vanessa Villalba, Horacio Godoy, Chicho Frúmboli, Gustavo Naveira, Francisco Forquera, etc.


He is currently doing research on inclusive dance and on organic body movements, and how energy is handled in the embrace to communicate in tango-improvisation.

Yecid Murillo

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Ines studies and researches the organic and biomechanical construction of the movement, the tango as an improvised dance and the non-verbal communication. The combination of this subjects provides her new skills to understand and develop the pedagogie and teaching for kids and teenagers, building an environment respectful of equality and diversity with the aim of stimulate the horizontal develop of the knowledge.

  • Degree in Folklore and Tango dances (UNA), dancer in the Tango Company of the National University of Arts (Dir. Leonardo Cuello).

  • Speaker at the 1st International Tango Congress (2013).

  • Tango dance Teacher at University extension of the UNA. Tango teacher in Primary and Secondary Schools (2010-2018).

  • Bodily expression teacher at Kindergarten “Pequenos Pasos” (2017).

  • She coordinates weekly activities in a Daily Center for people with psychosocial disabilities: Tango, Folkloric Dances, Corporal Improvisation, Stretching (2016-2018).

  • Trainer of artistic teachers in Merlo region, Buenos Aires (2018).

  • Teacher and professional dancer, she works in France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Polynesia, Australia and New Zealand. Dancer-Performer in Colectivo Sanchez (2015-2018 Dir. Gisela Pellegrini).

  • Dancer at the 2015 Federal Tango Selection Organized by the National Ministry of Culture.

  • She trained from 2002 with many teachers like Andrea Manso Hoffman, Cecilia Garcia, Rodolfo Dinzel, Diego Mauriño, Juan Onofri Barbato, Giuliana Rossetti, Cristina Barnils, Roberto Galvan, Monica Fracchia, Soledad Alfaro, Daniel Vulliez, Sergio Villalba, Peter Lavratti (GrupoCorpo), Horacio Godoy, Osvaldo Marchetti, Mariangeles Caamaño.

Ines Rossetti

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In the classes that Andrea coordinates she encourages the construction of an inclusive dance, based on equal opportunities for realization, concerned with doing and not with form; Experiencing healthy, conscious movements contemplating the environment with attention. 

  • Graduated Dance Teacher specialized in Folkloric Dances and Tango. (National University of Art UNA), dancer in the Tango Company of the UNA (2008-2013- Dir .: Leonardo Cuello).

  • Dance teacher in High Schools and Primary Schools of state management and bodily expression teacher at Kindergartens in Merlo city, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • University Professor in the career of University Teachers of Physical Education at UNAHur. (2018).

  • Folklore and Tango dance Teacher at University extension of the UNAHur. Trainer of artistic teachers in Merlo Region, Bs. As.

  • She trained with Cecilia Garcia, Diego Mauriño, Mónica Fracchia, Soledad Alfaro, Horacio Godoy, Rodolfo Prantte, Lorena Mariani.

Andrea Gioia